Why You Should Use Email Marketing to Build Your Internet Business?

Wild profits online are possible, but you need more than just a list – you need to learn the art of email marketing. In essence, this is as simple as sending out marketing material to your list of customers or prospects. It is a technique that applies equally to affiliate marketing, multi-level-marketing, e-shop or real shop-front business.Email marketing is all about direct personal contact with individuals. It’s about building relationships, gathering a loyal following of subscribers to YOU Inc.For email marketing to really work, targeting and timing are crucial factors to be considered. You must also consider who will be on your list, but that’s another story. For the purposes of this article I am assuming you already understand the basics of list building and have got your list building activities underway.With email marketing, you target your specific audience (you might have a few lists, each filled with customers or prospects representing a slightly different niche).Even if you have an old fashioned bricks and mortar business, email marketing is an excellent way of keeping in touch.Here are a few likely audiences:- Pre-existing customers
– new business prospects,
– staff members
– and suppliers too.Compared to other forms of communication, email marketing can be as targeted as you like for each target audience and their niche. The results are also measurable and it’s cheaper than snail mail. Of course email marketing is a pure numbers play. Consumers are a lot braver behind their 20 inch monitor than they are on the phone and more so, face to face. If your copy is good, entertaining and helpful, the viral nature of shared emails may also help to grow you audience.Main benefits of email marketing:1. Time effective
2. Cost effective
3. Works for you 24/7 without a pay rise
4. Works even while you are on holiday
5. Has a viral nature
6. Attracts business to you
7. Promotes You as the main business
8. Fosters extreme loyalty
9. Has a global reach for no extra cost
10. Results can be easily tracked
11. Campaigns can be adjusted quickly and at no cost
12. Any one or any business can do it.Email Marketing is an extremely time- and cost-effective way to promote your business and inform your target market. Many other forms of promotion and advertising, such as TV, radio, bus ads, print media and web ads require much more time, effort and money, and you cant easily measure the results – that means you might actually be wasting your money and time.Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your audience. Using a remote service (autoresponder) you can send out reliable and powerful emails designed to offer solutions for your target audience. Even if your list of customers or prospects is 50 or 50,000, with this simple setup, you can easily and quickly reach a bulk audience through a pre-written email programmed to send out automatically or you can send one out to the same list in real time.What can you do with email marketing?1. Send out thank you or birthday e-cards
2. Product announcements
3. Send out the latest press release
4. Share testimonials from happy customers
5. Announce a sale
6. Invite comment
7. Develop a relationship with your subscribers
8. Conduct a surveySince email marketing is all about relationship building it is a great way to send out newsletters, promotions, and eCards, keeping you foremost in your customers’ mind and offering help and value that they will remember.But like all things, it has its downside too. Emails sent carelessly or without permission can result in SPAM complaints. These can easily harm you business, so it pays to first seek permission to communicate with those on the list and second, only add great value. As yourself: Would I welcome this message?Email marketing is essential to developing a great online presence. Our software can help get you there. Email Marketing is one of the most successful ways of maintaining a long-term relationship with people who WANT to hear your message. Not to be confused with Spam (junk mail), ethical email marketing works because every recipient has given you permission to send them information which is of value to them.Targeted email marketing campaigns are a means of advertising that focuses on opt-in prospects. Naturally, giving more attention to interested customers evokes a more positive response than the same from a randomly delivered campaign.What does this mean?Simply put, make sure those on your list fall into your target market and are happy to hear from you. Then deliver them newsworthy mail that they will look forward to reading.Get this right and explode your profits while your phone rings hot with people begging to join your business. It’s a cinch.


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